The Number ONE selling vent in the industry! The polystyrene material provides a lightweight water resistant air channel. Ideal for high volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation.

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Ideal for premium construction and for difficult applications like re-insulation. proVent may be installed prior to the soffit panel installation without fear of blow-out.

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Durovent Baffle

The most economical way to ventilate your roof and block out the wind and rain! A water resistant baffle is incorporated into the Number ONE selling vent in the industry allowing for a one-step rafter vent and baffle installation.

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Provent Baffle

The Versatile Baffle for the Insulation Professional.

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Provides the best moisture and air infiltration seal between the rafter vent and wall top plate. Works with Durovent and proVent to provide a moisture impervious vent and block system.

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Vent Applications

The Benefits of a well-ventilated attic:

  • Improves insulation efficiencies
  • Helps reduce ice-dam formation
  • Cooler attics in summer months
  • Aids in prolonging shingle life
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