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The Number ONE selling vent in the industry! The polystyrene material provides a lightweight water resistant air channel. Ideal for high volume new construction or lower cost re-insulation. 


• Economical way to meet energy code requirements for air flow 


• Multiple lengths and perforated center line to fit all applications 


• Wide nailing flange and center strut allows for easy installation 

Durovent Comes in Several Sizes

DV2200 Durovent 22″ x 48″  50/bag, 1000/pallet
UDV2248 22″ x 48″ w/UPC Code  70/carton, 840/pallet
DV2272 Durovent 22″ x 72″   50/bundle, 1000/pallet
DV2400 Durovent 24″ x 48″   50/bundle, 1000/pallet

The Benefits of a Ventilated Attic

* Allows for cooler attics in the summer
* Helps prevent ice-dam formation in the winter
* Improves insulation efficiencies
* Helps prolong shingle life
* Allows for drier attics


See Durovent Installation Guide


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