Easily installed in both new and retrofit applications
Easily cut to fit any joist space
Insures proper air space between
roof deck and insulation.

Cathedral ceilings require a continuous run of ventilation. Starting at the roof peak, overlap each Durovent, ending over the top plate. If starting at the soffit area, underlap the Durovent to the roof peak.

How a Static Attic Ventilation System Works

Rafter vents, along with soffit and exhaust vents, are the components of a Static Attic ventiation System. Air is introduced into the system through the soffit vents, channeled along the roof deck through a rafter vent and then is expelled through an exhaust vent.


Benefits of a Ventilated Attic


• Improves insulation efficiencies


• Helps reduce ice-dam formation


• Cooler attics in summer months


• Aids in prolonging shingle life


• Helps avoid shingle blistering


• Drier attics


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