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The Versatile Baffle for the Insulation Professional. The proVent baffle creates a channel through the insulation and blocks the air at the top plate, allowing insulation coverage at the plate and preventing wind-wash. 


• Withstands heat and pressure of spray foam 


• Versatile design adapts to varying heel heights 


• Attaches to the truss, as well as the roof deck 


• Will not absorb moisture or grow mold 


• Made from High Impact Polystyrene 


• Spans the entire width of the bay – 16" or 24" O.C. 


PVB1541 - 16" O.C. Baffle

14.5" x 41"  50/bundle, 1500/pallet 
PVB1548 - 16" O.C. Xtension

14.5" x 48"  50/bundle, 1500/pallet 

PVB2348V2 - 24" O.C. Baffle
22.5" x 41"  50/bundle, 1000/pallet 

PVB2348EXT - 24" O.C. Xtension

22.5" x 48"  50/bundle, 1000/pallet 

How Many Vents to Plan for on a Project

One ProVent ventilation channel per rafter or truss cavity is recommended. Without ventilation channels, air cannot flow freely from the soffit to the exhaust vents. Poor air flow reduces insulation efficiencies and accelerates problems due to moisture.

Want more information on proVent Baffle?
For Homeowners: 866-240-4933
For Contractors: 800-666-8191

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