SKU PV2248

Ideal for premium construction and for difficult applications like re-insulation. proVent may be installed prior to the soffit panel installation without fear of blow-out. 


• Made with Pro Grade tear-resistant high impact polystyrene


• Rigid vent construction eliminates breakage during re-installation


• ProVent's full joist coverage provides maximum air flow


• ProVents are easy to transport and store on the job site


• ProVents hold staples well on installation


• Net free vent: PV1148 = 12 sq in; PV 1448 = 15 sq in; PV2248 = 26 sq in

PV1148 - 11" x 48"  200/carton, 2000/pallet 
Use for 16" on-center joist spacing

PV1148B - 11" x 48"  3000/bulk pallet
UPV14480 - proVent w/UPC code 14" x 48"  100/carton  1500/pallet
PV1448B - proVent 14" x 48"  2250/bulk pallet
PV1448D - proVent 29" x 48"  1500/bulk pallet

UPV248O- proVent w/UPC code 22" x 48"  100/carton  1500/pallet. –  Use for 24" on-center joist spacing
PV2248B - 22" x 48"  1500/bulk pallet


ProVent may be installed prior to the soffit panel installation without fear of blow-out. For conventional attics, ProVent is easily installed in both new and retrofit applications. Even with cathedral ceilings, ProVent can be cut to fit any joist space. In a finished attic, proVent ensures proper air space between the roof deck and insulation. Made in the U.S.A

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