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Easily installed in both new and

retrofit applications

Easily cut to fit any joist space


Insures proper air space between
roof deck and insulation

Cathedral ceilings require a continuous run of ventilation channels from intake to exhaust—leaving a one-inch space between each vent for removal of trapped moisture.


How a Static Attic Ventilation System Works

Rafter vents, along with soffit and exhaust vents, are the components of a Static Attic ventiation System. Air is introduced into the system through the soffit vents, channeled along the roof deck through a rafter vent and then is expelled through an exhaust vent.


Benefits of a Ventilated Attic


• Improves insulation efficiencies


• Helps reduce ice-dam formation


• Cooler attics in summer months

• Aids in prolonging shingle life


• Helps avoid shingle blistering


• Drier attics

Want more information on Attic Ventilation?
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